Hi-Masts are the unspoken heros of the night, helping illuminate our highways and parking lots. In 2018, I helped Signify (formally Phillips Lighting) create their next generation of Hi-Masts...

The objective of the redesign from the ground up was to create meaningful improvements for all stakeholders: the pedestrians, maintenance crews, and Signify. 

The redesigned heat fin pattern significantly improved the thermal performance leading to 10% higher sustained output. Paired with Signify's latest lens technology, this translated to brighter, and safer roads, without over illuminating neighboring areas. For maintenance, Hi-Mass assemblies are brought down to the ground, meaning the internals are accessed via the top. By rearranging the LED controllers in a vertical position, this allows for improved access for maintenance crews. All this was accomplished while reducing the total number of parts by 20% compaired to the previous model. 

Title Hi-Mast

Year 2018

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